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We have 17″ Wheel & Tire Combos from $899 and 22″ Wheel & Tire Combos from $1699. We mount and install all wheels and tires from a 13 inch up to a 28 inch. If you’re looking for wheels or tires for your vehicle, call us. We use trusted and reputable brands. We can get nearly any tire or wheel on the market, so if you find something online you like, bring it in. We also keep a large inventory of wheels in-stock in our storefronts. From Lexani to Amani Forged and from XF OffRoad to Fuel, we’re you’re wheel source.

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Custom Wheels

(Forged, Semi Forged, Cast, And Multi-Piece Wheels)

Performance Tires and Suspension

Custom wheels and tires are usually modified from the manufacturer’s original standard and in some cases, have replaced the manufacturer’s standard. These custom wheels and tires can be designed to be lighter, stronger or even larger to suit competition-oriented enthusiasts. However, some appearance-oriented fanatics prefer larger and visually unique wheels. The designs and styles used for custom wheels and tires depends on the purpose for which the vehicle is to be used for. They enhance the appearance of the car and can have a major impact on the performance of your vehicle on the road. Custom wheels and tires gives your car a unique look and can make your ride safer; a larger wheel and tire may increase the stopping power, thus giving you a safer ride. Depending on how you want to drive your car, there are custom wheels and tires designed for racing, trucks or off-roading to increase the strength of the vehicle and for easy maneuverability. We have the largest collection of branded aftermarket wheels and tires. With custom wheels and tires for your ride, getting that unique look is surprisingly easy. We offer you the best of the industry’s finest brands of custom wheels and tires.

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